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Bonds at TCBS: Safety is confirmed even though interest rates are lower than other organizations

Corporate bonds are a risky investment product. To avoid tasting "bitter fruit", smart investors currently prioritize choosing bonds that have lower interest rates but are offered for sale through reputable intermediaries such as TCBS, to minimize risks while still ensuring safe and effective investment.

Bonds are safe when there is a reputable issuing consulting organization

Any business that wants to issue bonds needs to go through a financial institution licensed to perform issuance consulting operations (TVPH).

For investors, a complex financial product like corporate bonds requires an objective assessment of the risk level from intermediaries, which in this case are the issuing consulting organizations themselves. This is especially important, because Decree 08/2023 stipulates that investors must be responsible for evaluating products themselves, responsible for their investment decisions as well as risks arising in investing, and bond trading.

Therefore, smart investors today are prioritizing the selection of bonds offered through reputable intermediary organizations, to limit risks as low as possible while ensuring the safety and efficiency of the stream. money. Topping the prestigious ranking list is Techcom Securities Joint Stock Company (TCBS) - a subsidiary of Techcombank, currently an issuance consulting organization with a market share of more than 50% of the market, while always ensuring the process Strict appraisal, to advise investors on high quality, effective and safe bonds.

Right box: The appraisal and consulting process for corporate bond issuance at TCBS goes through 9 strict steps: (i) Assessing the needs of issuing businesses as well as investors; (ii) Understand the business and conduct in-depth appraisal; (iii) Bond structure; (iv) Primary offering; (v) Prepare issuance documents; (vi) Approval for issuance; (vii) Closing books; (viii) Listing; (ix) Post-release monitoring.

Only bonds within Techcombank's risk appetite can be offered to investors, and only issuers on the list of issuers that Techcombank manages and maintains relationships with can be used for retail sales.

Bonds at TCBS: Safety is confirmed

Even during a period when the corporate bond market was facing difficulties when many businesses were unable to mature to investors, 100% of bonds distributed by TCBS were paid principal and interest on time in 2022 and 2023. During the bond market crisis period from November 2022 to May 2023 (7 months), TCBS's iConnect Bond Agreement system still supported investors with liquidity, with 165,575 transactions and VND 17,785 billion in repurchase transaction volume.

In 2022, more than 75,000 billion VND in bonds and principal due for over 500 bond codes issued by TCBS as a consultant have been paid in full and on time. In 2023, TCBS has made payments of more than 100,500 billion VND in bond principal and interest to investors.

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At TCBS, customers buy iBond corporate bonds completely online on the TCInvest system and are provided with complete details about the bond and the issuing company, as well as a bond risk identification sheet for consideration. before deciding to participate.

Not stopping at reputable issuance consulting, TCBS also improves the quality of post-issuance agency services. For example, the convenient bond liquidity solution on the iConnect Bond Agreement system aims to solve liquidity problems for investors, helping investors manage and limit liquidity risks. Accordingly, investors can easily resell when they need to recover capital and profit at any time.

Box Right: Mr. Phan Van Manh, an investor in Ho Chi Minh City, shared: "I invested in a 3-year bond with an interest rate of 9%/year at TCBS. After I held the bond for 1 year, I want to resell on iConnect with an interest rate of 8.5%/year. This way, the total profit I receive is up to 10%/year, including 9% when I hold the bond for the first year and 1% (respectively). for the remaining 2 years) when I resell on iConnect".

At TCBS, there are nearly 29,000 customers reselling bonds on iConnect in 2023 with a higher interest rate than when buying. Among them, there are nearly 2,000 customers enjoying bond interest rates ranging up to more than 3%.